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Management of Intellectual Property

A business’ intellectual property (or IP) encompasses all of the intangible assets that the company holds.

Principally, this includes things like trademarks, copyright in original creative works, design rights and patents. However, there are a lot more intangible assets such as confidential information and trade secrets, articles of non-disclosed information, agreements and licenses (supplier, distribution, website, software), etc.

Intellectual property is the term for all of the unique: information, knowledge and expertise – that a business relies on.

It’s not a secret to anyone, that intellectual property, managed properly, can enhance returns.

Enterprises willing to extract full value from their know-how and creativity should take adequate steps to develop an IP strategy for their business and seek to integrate it within their overall business strategy. This implies including IP considerations when drafting business plans and marketing strategies. A basic IP strategy would at least include policies on IP Acquisition, Exploitation, Monitoring and Enforcement.

Things to consider for more efficient IP management

  • Where to develop and hold IP;
  • Using finances the right way;
  • Legal protection;
  • Tax considerations.

Benefits for IP management in different jurisdiction

  • Tax incentives for research and development activities;
  • Low effective taxation of the holding vehicle;
  • Access to double tax treaty network providing for substantial withholding tax reductions on
  • cross-border royalty payments;
  • Favorable VAT rates and optimization of input VAT recovery;
  • Absence of strict domestic transfer pricing rules.

Our services

  • Help you understand what IP you hold and where to protect and maintain it in a most efficient way;
  • Develop an IP strategy to better manage your intangible assets;
  • Assist in implementing the IP strategy;
  • Review and update your IP strategy;
  • Provide advice on IP rules and regulations, and tax implications.
  • Assist in registering of trade marks.

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