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Where to invest £1m

Many of our clients ask us – “Where to invest in the UK?”.

Answering this question would be best with a simple example below. Please note that scenarios are relevant at a time of publication therefore may vary from current market.

We would start by dividing £1m into several ways. Initial investment of £400,000 would be in a two-bedroom flat at Elephant & Castle. This area traditionally has been known as an unattractive neighbourhood but after local council started investing £1.5bn in to a 55 acre of within area it started to turn around. But the main attraction here would be the location, it is very close to The City and West End, being just a short journey across the bridge from Westminster Abbey. For years to come this area would be a genuine hotspot.

In 2018 Crossrail will be introduced, it is the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and the South East. Many under-developed locations along its route have already undergone significant investment. With this in mind we would invest another £400,000 in a two-bedroom flat or maisonette in West Ealing. This area improving day by day and with Crossrail starting its operation the direct journey time from here to Bond Street will be only 13 minutes. This will mean a positive impact on property prices and the rental demand.

The remaining £200,000 we would invest in a smaller one-bedroom flat in Colliers Wood. This is another perfect example of an area that is benefiting from investments from a local authority. The flat here would produce a healthy rental yield and growth in value over the coming years.

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