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Commercial property

Purchase of any property, including commercial, abroad is not only prestigious but also profitable for an investor. The UK has been leading the market in real estate investments for many years. And this is all due to the fact that commercial property in England is highly liquid, meaning that you can easily sell it any time and return your investment, sometimes with a gain.

Foreign investors choose to buy commercial property in England because of the English language which is convenient for most. Besides, it is safe to do business in the UK due to stable economy and high degree of protection from the state if you comply with all the rules. Moreover, the UK market is dynamic, it opens great opportunities to investors.

What commercial property to choose

The most popular type of commercial property is office buildings, and the most profitable, because the prices for them have been going up in recent years. Central locations are always preferable, especially buildings with cafes and banks on the ground floor.

The second most popular type of commercial property is malls and shops. They are sure to generate a big profit, especially in highly populated areas. The demand for this type of property is higher than the supply so you need to be extra careful when choosing your property.

If it is your first time investing in property abroad, we recommend you go for warehousing facilities rather than offices or shops. They are much easier to own; the demand has grown by 28% while the supply has fallen by 17%. It means that the return period is very short.

Whichever type of property you will choose, it is better to select it and arrange all the paperwork with the help of experts. Imperial & Legal has highly qualified personnel that have required knowledge and expertise enabling them to finalise real estate deals for many years. It will save you unnecessary hassle, money and time.

Professional support from Imperial & Legal

Liaising with real estate agents and everyday viewings can be a daunting and over-whelming task. Our specialists can save your time and money and make a list of properties that meet your needs.

We have vast experience in sourcing commercial properties in all 4 sectors – Leisure and Restaurants, Retail and Wholesale, Office and Industrial.

We will help you find a property that would suit your needs.

Our services

  • Property shortlisting
  • Initial viewings
  • Suitability assessment and reporting
  • Appointing agents
  • Managing the disposal of property where necessary
  • Negotiating the sale/lease/rent price
  • Liaising with a landlord
  • Conveyancing
  • Property redesign and refurbishment

To discuss your requirements, please contact our specialists or call us on +44 (0)203 490 41 21.

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