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The government has provided more details on new settled status for EU citizens

Today the government has published a new document setting out further details of how its new settled status scheme will operate.

The proposal says that EU nationals will be given a two-year grace period to apply for settled status once UK leaves European Union. The government also intends to keep the necessary amount of paperwork as low as possible and to keep cost of an application to no more than that of a British passport.

In case of unsuccessful application EU nationals will have the right to appeal if they wish to stay in the UK. The government also clarified that EU citizens will not be required to provide a comprehensive health insurance or the fingerprints.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “Applying for settled status will be a streamlined, low-cost, digital process and EU citizens are being consulted on its design to ensure it is user-friendly. We know that there is some anxiety among EU citizens about how the process of applying for settled status will work so I hope this document provides some further reassurance.”

The proposal also states that applicants will be required to declare any criminal convictions and be checked against UK security databases. This will be a security measure to keep the country safe.


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