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UK visa refusal

The UK immigration laws are quite strict in granting visas to immigrants, which means it is important to be careful and thorough in submitting your application and documents. UK Visa Application Centres publish annual refusal statistics for national of different countries.

You will usually get a letter stating the reasons and details of refusal in your particular case. This letter must be studied carefully and another application must be submitted without the mistakes made in the initial application.

Grounds for refusal

 Most common grounds are:

  1. Incorrect purpose of the trip. This is the main reason for refusal if misrepresented.
  2. Incomplete package of supporting documents.
  3. Duration of stay included in the application is longer than allowed under the corresponding visa or does not agree with the purpose of the trip (it is wrong to say you are going to spend 7 months in the UK if the purpose of your trip is travelling).
  4. English translation, when required, is either not provided or unclear as to the contents of the document.
  5. Personal savings do not correspond to the level of income or there are suspicious transactions on the bank account.
  6. Incorrectly filled application form.
  7. Misrepresented information, especially about financial resources, if stated amounts do not correspond to the visa requirements (relevant for business visitors).
  8. Non-signed references. If the applicant is also an authorised signatory for his references, then they must be also signed by another authorised signatory (accountant, deputy, Financial Director, etc.).
  9. Marriage visitor or family visa can be refused if duration of stay is incorrect, the receiving partner does not meet all the requirements, or the applicant has insufficient funds to support themselves.
  10. Risk immigrant. If the applicant is too young, single and has been employed recently, then it is almost unlikely that a visa will be approved.
  11. Breach of immigration laws in previous trips, overstay or illegal entry.
  12. The applicant has been refused visa to other countries.
  13. Family members living in the UK have insufficient financial resources or are illegally staying in the UK.
  14. Cancellation of hotel booking or closure of bank accounts while the application is being considered.

All this can be rectified quickly if approached correctly. However, in case of forged documents, including invitations, the situation cannot be rectified. Forgery can also be used as the grounds to refuse you entry to the UK for the next 10 years.

What can be done after refusal

It is super important to read carefully a refusal letter from the Embassy. We recommend sitting down with a qualified advisor, go through the letter, list all the mistakes you’ve made and understand why they’ve led to refusal.

At Imperial & Legal we help clients to apply for a visa after refusal. We will analyse the documents you submitted and correct all the mistakes in the previous application process, translation and add necessary supporting documents and cover letters. After that we will apply for a visa again and make sure you submit all the required documents to the relevant authorities. We will get a decision and inform you.

Please remember that if you were refused visa once, do not try and apply for it again on your own. It is a high risk of second refusal of visa and entry to the UK for a certain period of time.

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