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Family visas

If you wish to come to the UK as or to become a spouse/ civil partner of a British citizen or other national that has ILR, or stay in the UK in order to become naturalised later, our immigration advisers are here to help you with your case.

We can guarantee individual approach and detailed analysis of your case with a view to provide you with s desired result.

Our services:

  • Preparing and submitting visa applications, advising on the application process and required documents;
  • Comprehensive consultation on required evidence of your relations;
  • Providing support in extending visa and switching from one category to another;
  • Preparing required documents to apply for ILR and naturalisation;
  • Applying for visas for dependent children.

 Marriage Visitor visa

You must apply for a Marriage Visitor visa if you want to come to the UK in order to get married or engaged and you’re not planning to stay or settle in the UK after your marriage or civil partnership.

You can’t work, study or set up your own business in the UK on this visa, or get public funds.

You can use this visa to visit the UK for up to 6 months and you must marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK within 6 months of your arrival.

 Fiancé/ fiancée/ proposed civil partner visa

You can only apply for this visa outside the UK.


  • you and your partner both need to be 18 or over,
  • your partner must be either a British citizen or have settled in the UK (they have ‘indefinite leave to remain’ or proof of permanent residence),
  • inviting partner must prove they’ve worked with the same employer earning £18,600 or more for 6 months or longer, or have cash savings above £16,000,
  • partners must prove that any previous marriages or civil partnerships have ended,
  • partners must have already known each other personally,
  • partners mush show that they intend to get married within 6 months of arriving into the UK of a fiancé/ fiancée/ civil partner.

The visa is issued for six months (can be extended). You can’t work in the UK on this visa.

Upon arrival to the UK

  • partners must get marries as soon as possible, within 6 months, while visa is valid,
  • After marriage, a partner with a visa must apply for a visa of a spouse or civil partner.

Spouse/ civil partner visa

You can apply either in or outside the UK.


  • you and your spouse/ civil partner both need to be 18 or over,
  • one of the spouses/ civil partners must be either a British citizen or have settled in the UK (they have ‘indefinite leave to remain’ or proof of permanent residence),
  • you must be in a civil partnership or marriage that’s recognised in the UK,
  • spouses/ civil partners must prove they’ve been together and show how they met and how often they see each other,
  • spouses/ civil partners must have been living together in a relationship for at least 2 years when they apply; they must prove it by providing council tax or other bills they’ve been paying together. Photos, trips and correspondence can also serve as evidence,
  • spouses/ civil partners must show that they intend to live together in the UK after getting a visa,
  • a sponsoring partner must meet minimum income requirements,
  • an applying partner must prove they:
  • have a good knowledge of English,
  • can financially support themselves and their dependants.

If you don’t meet these requirements you may still be able to apply for a visa or extend your permission to stay in exceptional cases:

  • you have a child in the UK who is a British citizen or has lived in the UK for 7 years and it would be unreasonable for them to leave the UK
  • there would be very significant difficulties for you and your partner if you lived together as a couple outside the UK that couldn’t be overcome
  • it would breach your human rights to stop you coming to the UK or make you leave

Visa is issued for 2.5 years (can be extended) if you apply in the UK, and 2 years and 9 months if applied outside the UK. This visa gives an unlimited right to work in the UK.

Visa for unmarried or same-sex partners


  • You’ve legally lived in the UK for at least two years as an unmarried partner (including civil partner) of a British citizen or someone who has settled in the UK.
  • You’ve been partner of a British citizen for at least 4 years, living outside the UK.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

The earliest you may be eligible for settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’) is after you have been living in the UK with a ‘partner of a settled person’ for 5 years. Time in the UK on a fiancé/ fiancée visa is not added up.


If you’re 18 to 64 years old when you apply you must also pass:

  • the Life in the UK Test
  • an English language test with at least CEFR level B1 in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • You and your partner must intend to continue your relationship after you apply for settlement
  • You and your partner must meet certain financial and living requirements.

To discuss your requirements, please contact our specialists or call us on +44 (0)203 490 41 21.

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