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St Lucia individual taxation overview


Wealth tax

Capital gains tax

Inheritance tax

Capital duty

Investment income tax

Residence status

Tax residency is determined by the following factors:

  • Permanent place of abode which must be in Saint Lucia.
  • Physical presence in Saint Lucia:
    • At least 183 days in the reporting year;
    • Less than 183 days in the reporting year but deemed resident in the year immediately before or after the year in question.

Income tax

Income is accruable to an individual from all sources directly or indirectly.

Taxable income includes employment and business income, rental income, income from royalties, investment, premiums, fees, IP, etc.

Personal deductions and allowances apply.

Type of income Arising in St Lucia Arising outside St Lucia
Residents/ Ordinarily resident Chargeable at progressive rates, see below
Non-ordinarily resident Chargeable at progressive rates, see below. Income arising outside St Lucia is taxed only when remitted to the country.
Non-residents 25% withholding tax 0% for non-remitted income

Income tax rates are applied as follows:

Tax band Tax rates
0 to 20,000 XCD 10%
10,000 to 20,000 XCD 1,000 XCD is payable on the first 10,000 XCD

15% on the remaining amount

20,000 to 30,000 XCD 2,500 XCD is payable on the first 20,000 XCD

20% on the remaining amount

30,000 XCD and above 4,500 XCD is payable on the first 30,000 XCD

30% on the remaining amount

Allowances and deductions

Resident personal allowance is XCD 18,000.

Other taxes

Stamp duty

Generally, 2% to 10% on the sale of real estate, debenture, stock, debt or shares.

Residential property tax

0.25% of the open market value.

For 2018 and 2019 residential properties are tax exempt.

Social security contributions

The employee must contribute 5% of their gross salary for retirement, disability and sickness benefits.

The employer matches the contribution paid by the employee.

Maximum amount of monthly contributions for both employee and employer is XCD 5,000 each.


VAT is charged at a standard rate of 12.5% on almost all goods and services imported to and sold in Saint Lucia. A reduced rate 10% applies to the hotel sector and related services. Some goods and services are tax exempt.

Excise taxes

Taxes apply to home-produced liquor, beer, cigarettes, etc.

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