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EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card is a residence title that enables a third-country citizen to reside and take a highly-qualified employment in Portugal.

EU Blue Card applicants and holders also have the right to family reunification.


  • Valid residence visa or residence permit for Portugal;
  • At least 1-year work contract or binding job offer for a highly qualified position, with a salary of at least 1.2 (some professions) or 1.5 times the average national gross annual salary;
  • Certificate from the regulating authority or professional qualification document;
  • The employer must have a clean employment history;
  • Health insurance;
  • Registration with the social security system.

Validity and renewal

An EU blue card is initially granted for one year, subject to renewal for successive periods of two years and provided the holder complies with the relevant requirements.

EU blue card holders are entitled to apply for a long-term residence status after 5 years of legal and continuous residence in any EU country or 2 years of legal and continuous residence in Portugal as an EU Blue Card holder.

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