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Antigua and Barbuda individual taxation overview


Income tax

Capital gains tax

Net-wealth tax

Inheritance tax

Personal Income Tax

The Antigua and Barbuda Government abolished personal income tax in 2016.

Unincorporated business Tax

Chargeable income can be accrued or derived worldwide and not necessarily received in Antigua and Barbuda. It includes self-employment and partnership income.

Type of income Arising in A&B Arising outside A&B
Sourced from A&B Sourced outside A&B
Residents Progressive rates from 0% to 25% for various tax bands 0%
Non-residents Progressive rates from 0% to 25% for various tax bands 0% 0%

Withholding Tax

WHT is paid on income from dividends, interest (including on bank deposits), rent as well as royalties, management fees, etc.

Residents – 0% WHT on any income.

Non-residents are exempt from tax on interest on bank deposits, while they must pay 20% on other types of interest and rental income, and 25% on dividends, royalties, management fees and other payments.

Other Taxes

Social security contributions

The employee must contribute at least 7.5% and maximum 12.5% of their gross salary for social security, medical benefits and education levy, but not more than XCD 6,500 per month.

The employer’s portion is minimum 9.5% and maximum of 13%.

Property tax

0.1% to 0.5% of the market value, depending on the type of property and land, subject to allowances and tax rebates.

Non-resident owners of undeveloped land must pay an undeveloped land tax of 10% to 20% on the value of the land depending on the period of ownership.

Stamp duty

  • Sale of real estate and shares – 7.5% and 5% respectively (resident seller) and 2.5% (resident purchaser);
  • Non-resident sellers – 5% on the appreciated value of the property, non-resident purchasers – 2.5% (or 1% for sales within a family) plus an alien landholding license at 5% of the value of the property.
  • Some gifts are taxed.

Sales tax

All professionals must register for sales tax when a total value of services provided or goods sold in Antigua and Barbuda, including imported ones, exceeds XCD 300,000.

The rates range from 0% to 12.5% for hotels and 15% standard rate.

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