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About Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a sovereign state in the West Indies in the Americas, lying between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of two major islands, Antigua and Barbuda, and a number of smaller islands. It gained sovereignty from Britain in November 1981 and has been a part of the Commonwealth since then.

Key facts

Capital: St. John’s.

Head of state: Queen Elizabeth II.

Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

Official language: English.

Major religion: Christianity.

Population: 90,000.

Membership: United Nations (UN), Organisation of American States (OAS), the World Trade Organisation, etc.

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD), fixed to the US dollar.

Geography and climate

Area: Antigua – 281 km2, Barbuda – 161 km2.

Climate: mainly dry tropical.

Air temperatures: average 27°C.

Humidity: low.

Tourist attractions

  • Country of 365 beaches
  • Lagoons, natural harbours and reefs
  • Snorkelling, sailing and diving
  • Music festivals and carnivals
  • Areas of outstanding natural beauty
  • Historic heritage


Antigua and Barbuda owes more than a half of its GDP to tourism. Investment banking and financial services are other major sectors of the economy.

Agricultural sector is mainly focused on the domestic consumption because of limited fresh water supply and labour shortage.

Export-oriented manufacturing of bedding, handicrafts and electronic components adds up to the economic growth.

Benefits for investors

  • Citizenship for life for the whole family
  • Dual citizenship
  • Qualified English-speaking workforce
  • High standards of healthcare and education
  • Economic, political and social stability
  • Beneficial taxation system: no wealth, inheritance or capital gains tax
  • No personal income tax
  • No restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capital

Citizenship by Investment Program

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) was established following parliamentary approval of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Regulations 2014 contained in the Citizenship by Investment Act 2013 amended in 2014 and 2016. The programme aims to boost the economic development and growth.

Any foreign national that makes a required investment is qualified to acquire the Antigua and Barbuda nationality. Apart from that all applicants must go through a stringent application procedure, including thorough due diligence checks.

Once the Antigua citizenship is granted it is for lifetime, unless a naturalised citizen spends less than 5 days in Antigua and Barbuda during the period of five calendar years after having obtained citizenship. In this case neither contributions nor other payments are refundable.

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