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Citizenship by investment programmes

We will help you plan and manage the process of obtaining a second passport under citizenship by investment programmes. We will provide you with a comprehensive and customised solution that will suit your needs and needs of your family.

Second citizenship guarantees you visa-free travel to the EU member states and other countries around the world.

Choosing an investment programme without understanding all technicalities can bring you unwanted results. That is why Imperial & Legal experts will support and lead you through every stage of the process minimising your personal involvement.

St Kitts & Nevis PassportST KITTS & NEVIS

The oldest and one of the most reputable Citizenship by Investment Programmes in the world. Worldwide mobility, fast-track processing and full confidentiality in exchange for investment in fast growing economy.

Get Malta Citizenship and passport fastMALTA

Right to live, study and work in any EU country, and tax residence status in exchange for investment in a stable, highly reputable and safe economy. Qualified English-speaking workforce and low taxation for individuals and corporations.

Dominica citizenship and passport by investment fastDOMINICA

Minimum investment and fast processing procedure with investment recoverable after 3 years as opposed to 5 years in other countries. No residency, visitation, language or interview requirement.

Antigua & Barbuda passport in 3 monthsANTIGUA & BARBUDA

One of the cheapest Citizenship by Investment Programmes in the world. Opportunity to invest in a growing economy en route to diversification through various options. No education or work experience requirements.

Grenada citizenship and passport by investment fastGRENADA

Invest in an emerging economy with vast business opportunities. The only Caribbean state offering visa-free travel to China. Opportunity to apply for the USA E2 visa to be able to work there.

St Lucia citizenship and passport by investment fastST LUCIA

Simple and straightforward application process. A range of attractive investment options and flexible terms. Dual citizenship and second passport for the whole family and future generations.

Cyprus citizenship and passport by investment fastCYPRUS

Quick and straightforward route to an EU passport with no residency requirement. Favourable taxation for non-residents. Ideal for businessman with free movement of goods, services and capital throughout the EU.

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