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British citizenship by birth

A child can automatically become a British national if both or one of the parents are British citizens, one of the parents is settled in the UK or are a member of the UK armed forces. If a child is born in the UK to parents that are not British citizens and not settled there, the child is not eligible for British citizenship at birth.

Get a passport for your child

If parents don’t have any permanent status or right to live in the UK as British citizens when the child is born but naturalise later, the child get a British passport as well. All you need to do is to prove that the child is legible to become a British national by preparing and submitting the required documents to the Home Office. After you go through this process and get a confirmation, you can apply for a passport to the Passport Office.

If parents when the child was born were in the UK on one of visa routes (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.) and were not settled there, the child may become a dependant family member, and his status will depend on that of his parents. It’s important if parents plan to apply for British citizenship in the future, then the child can automatically get it too.

We at Imperial & Legal make sure that you do everything right on the path to British citizenship. We help you prepare all the required documents and submit applications to relevant authorities when applying for passports. We are here to support you all the way till you become British citizen.

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