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UK Standard Visitor Visa for Short-term Business Visit

If you want to visit the UK for business, you must apply for a Standard Visitor visa. Currently it is granted for a minimum of 6 months and maximum of 10 years. If you are applying for the first time, it’s recommended to apply for the minimum period. However, if you have a long history of travels to the UK without any violation of immigration laws, you can apply for a long-term visa.

Documents you must provide for business visitor visa

To apply for a standard visitor visa for business, it’s not enough to provide just an invitation from your business partners in the UK. You need to give details of your trip, its purpose, confirm business relationship with the inviting organisation and fill in an application correctly. Standard documents you must provide are:

  • Confirmation of the purpose of your trip. It can be an original invitation on the letterhead of your business partners signed by authorised employees. You can also provide registration confirmation from trade fairs, training sessions, workshops that show the applicant’s name and details of the inviting organisation.
  • A letter from your employer with additional information about you that confirm the importance of your presence in the UK as an expert in your field. This letter must detail your salary and who is covering expenses of this trip.
  • Bank statement to confirm that the applicant has enough financial resources to support themselves in case of force majeure.
  • Additional supporting documents, e.g. references, cooperation agreements, etc. based on each individual case.

Imperial & Legal services

When applying for a standard visitor visa for business, it is highly important to correctly fill in an application form in English because you will not be given a chance to introduce changes once the application is submitted to the Embassy. Any error can mean loss of time and cancellation of your trip. It is also very important to make a full list of required documents to avoid wasting time in preparation of the documents you do not need. That’s why it’s recommended to entrust this matter to professionals that have relevant experience and will be able to arrange everything in short time and hassle-free.

We at Imperial & Legal provide support in all matters related to applying for UK visa for business.  Our experts will prepare all the required documents and stay with you through the whole application process, providing help and advice.

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