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Translation expertise

Fast and reliable

We offer a high-quality and professional translation of documents and texts of any type and sector. Our translators are members of the UK Institute of Translation & Interpreting, so their translations can be translator-certified.

We translate texts from English to Russian and from Russian to English. However, if you require other languages, please contact us for further information.

High quality, clarity and accuracy

Our translators have knowledge and experience in many sectors. They treat each text in the same way with attention to every detail. They clarify all the issues with a customer and study related materials in the Internet in order to choose the correct terminology. Instead of translation word for word, i.e. literally, they aim at conveying the meaning, preserving of course all the facts and connotations of the original. At the same time translators ensure a short turnaround time.

It’s a standard procedure for any translator to proof-read and check their translations, but our translators can also edit the original text, find errors there and attract the client’s attention to them. And all this at no extra cost.

It’s easy to work with us

  1. You send us an order with as much information as possible, e.g. a topic, delivery method, when you need a translation, etc.
  2. We assess a volume, complexity and deadline. Based on that we send you a clear and itemised quotation
  3. We complete an assignment by the deadline (as we go, we clarify all the arising issues with a client, if any)
  4. We proof-read the translated text for errors, and unified terminology and style
  5. Deliver the translation to the client in the agreed format
  6. If the client has any comments, we edit the translated text (first two edits at no extra charge, all consecutive edits come at a cost).

Sectors of expertise

  • Legal and insurance
  • Accounting, taxation and finances
  • Export, logistics and commerce
  • Promotion and marketing, design (e.g. industrial and interior)
  • Production, manufacture and construction
  • Engineering and sciences
  • Arts and cultures, travel and tourism
  • Fiction and non-fiction, etc.

Documents and texts we translate

  • Contracts and agreements (Sales, Purchase, NDA, LOI, shareholders agreements, etc.)
  • Financial and accounting documents (statements, analysis, reports, etc.)
  • Business correspondence
  • Video materials (translation and/or transcription), subtitles
  • Websites
  • Logistic and commercial materials and documents (invoices, waybills, etc.)
  • Promotion and marketing materials (catalogues, presentations, printouts, brochures, etc.)
  • Technical datasheets and specifications, user manuals, patents, tenders
  • Manufacturing documentation

 Translation and delivery formats

  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • XML
  • XLIFF, etc.

Extra services

  • Gist translation when an overall understanding (or gist) of the content is needed, not the whole text. It saves time and money.
  • Proof-reading and editing in English and Russian (other languages upon request).
  • Audio & Video Transcription of English and Russian texts (other languages upon request).

To discuss your requirements, please contact our specialists or call us on +44 (0)203 490 41 21.

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