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Professional services

Company Secretary

We provide a full-scale administrative management of a UK company by a Company Secretary.

Even though some companies are not required by law have a company secretary, we strongly recommend you use this service. It will give you peace of mind that the company will not be stroked off\ shut down at the most inopportune moment only because you haven’t fulfilled some obligatory administrative requirements regarding company’s activities and reports that you might have not even known about.

Besides, a secretary, by being in the UK, will help you obtain necessary extracts, statements, etc. for your company, make apostil and a lot more.

Basic services of a secretary, such as preparation and filing of the annual Confirmation Statement, are already included in our service packages.

Please contact our specialists if you need one of the following:

— prepare tailored incorporation documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association)

— change a company’s director

— add or remove one of the company’s shareholders

— make changes in the data on directors and shareholders

— increase or decrease authorised capital

— change registered address

— change SIC codes of economic activity

— many more.

More details on some of our services are given below. Read more about our  Accounting Services.

Nominee director

It is a common service in the UK. Usually you would need it when you are in another country and require a nominee director to perform basic administration functions.

It’s worth noting that pursuant to the current legislation the Companies House keeps records of all directors, shareholders and persons with significant control.

Based on your requirements, our nominee director can act as a bank account signatory, sign contracts and even participate in meetings, etc.

Our nominee directors are UK citizens and residents.

Nominee director costs starting from £700 a year.

Nominee shareholder

Nominee shareholder usually comes along with the nominee director; together they allow you to be outside UK completely, even in dealing with banks.

Nominee shareholder costs starting from £250 a year.

Managing a bank account

If you are in the UK all the time and your company has a certain activity here, you might want our specialists to manage your corporate bank account and make payments upon your request duly and on time.

Please contact our specialists for a price of this service. In some cases this service is included within other services (e.g. nominee director).

Certificate of Good Standing

When you need to show a company is operational and active in the UK to the authorities in another country, you need to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing.

Our specialists will help you to request and obtain such certificate, and apostil it.

Certificate of Good Standing costs starting from £200.

EORI number

If you have an international trading business in the UK and import/export goods through the EU border, you must have a EORI number. It is directly related to your company’s VAT number.

EORI number is also quite often required when you need to receive small express deliveries from outside the EU.

EORI number costs starting from £180.

To discuss your requirements, please contact our specialists or call us on +44 (0)203 490 41 21.

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