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Conducting complex negotiations

Conducting complex negotiations

We offer practical assistance in conducting negotiations and finalising deals. We have knowledge of the UK business ethics and expertise in negotiating with English-speaking partners. We will also help to prepare an offer that a potential partner will consider beneficial, with the aim to have a decision in your favour.

We know all the pitfalls in drafting contracts and can prepare letters and enquiries the way they should be. We can actually do the whole business communication for you, contact public authorities, banks and business partners.

Doing business in a new country is not a straightforward thing, especially for start-ups that don’t know realities, culture, traditions, etc. specific to the country. That knowledge is vital for business negotiations, especially if they are in a foreign language.

If needed, our experts at Imperial & Legal will participate in negotiations on your behalf or together with you, negotiate all the required terms and conditions, and finalise the whole process by signing a deal.

We will do our best to apply our extensive expertise in negotiating at different levels, with different businesses and people, and in different areas, in order to supply you with a result you need.

We also offer services of professional interpreter in case you need them.

All we need is to sit down with you, understand your target, work out a negotiations plan, and determine intermediary and ultimate steps – everything you need to get the required result.

Conflict settlement

In business world sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid conflicts, and it’s not always easy to settle them amicably, especially when both parties refuse to reach a compromise.

We know how to manage this kind of situations and settle conflicts, because we are good at human psychology, talking to people, tact and looking outside the box.

Conflicts in a professional environment happen on a daily basis, and not every lawyer can reconcile conflicting parties. Sometimes this is a dead-end situation. We are ideal for reconciling parties.

To discuss your requirements, please contact our specialists or call us on +44 (0)203 490 41 21.

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