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How to get British passport
Tier 1 Investor visa – best solution for the whole family

Tier 1 Investor visa does not require you to speak English and gives the opportunity to study and work in the UK for whole your family family.

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At what point will I become UK resident
At what point will I become a resident in the UK?

Your immigration and tax statuses in the UK are not interconnected directly. Only a Statutory Residence Test (SRT) can establish your status and whether you need to pay taxes, and which ones, even if you have spent in the country only a few days.

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Hot to pay less inheritance tax in UK
Receiving your inheritance in the UK

All assets left after a person’s death and located in the UK are subject to the inheritance tax (IHT). These include real estate, money in the bank accounts, securities, precious metals and other property form the so called Estate of a deceased person.

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How to choose the correct type of UK visa
How to choose the correct type of UK visa?

Circumstances and goals of every one of us are unique, while immigration rules for granting UK visas are complicated, confusing and often change. However, we can point out several types of visas that are used quite often.

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All you neet to know before moving to UK
7 questions to ask before moving to the UK

Moving to another country is a serious business that requires a proper and thorough preparation. At first, it might seem almost impossible  to take care of everything at the same time and the risk of forgetting something vital is much higher when you start rushing around.

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Tax system in the UK
How to reduce your taxes in the UK?

Getting a UK visa and buying or renting a property in London helps you to settle but it is just the beginning of your capital optimisation. Here are the latest changes to the UK tax legislation for immigrants.

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By providing a comprehensive support on a wide range of immigration and personal taxation issues, we can guarantee a coordinated and complex approach in finding the right solution for all your needs.

How to become а British citizen?
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