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Secondary education in United Kingdom

English education is a benchmark for everyone. They managed to build a well-thought-out system that marries old traditions with modern technologies. If you want your child to study in one of the best universities in the world, consider giving them secondary education in England that will prepare them for final exams at school and admission exams to a university.

Our experts at Imperial & Legal are happy to offer their help in gaining admission for your child to a secondary school in England. We have been collaborating with public schools for years and we know ins and out of what needs to be prepared and submitted, how and when. We will prepare all the paperwork and arrange an interview.

Secondary education – your ticket to university

Secondary education in England is compulsory for all children between the ages of 11 and 16. At the end of secondary school pupils are normally entered for a range of examinations known as GCSEs after which a General Certificate of Secondary Education is awarded. GCSEs are done in 3 to 10 subjects, including 3 compulsory ones and the rest can be selected by pupils. Current grading scale A* to G (A* being the highest grade) is undergoing changes and will be soon completely replaced by a new scale 9 to 1.

Three core subjects are considered enough by the WES to get a GCSE. However, if you consider studying in a university you will need at least 5 GCSEs A* to C. At the same time, you need to remember that a GCSE Certificate is not enough to apply to study in a university. So, after secondary school, a pupil has a choice, either progress to further education (normally a vocational, work-based learning) or do A-levels and get higher education.

A-levels are generally a two-year course taken by students as a prequel to higher education. AS levels are obtained within the first year and can be used as a standalone qualification or brought to A level standard in the second year.

After successful completion pupils are awarded a GCE Advance Level certificate.

AS/A levels are graded A* to E. Every grade has a number of points which will make your overall score for application to a university.

Secondary education with Imperial & Legal

Our experts will help your child become a student in a school of your choice. With our experience and knowledge, we can guarantee that the enrolment process goes smoothly and hassle-free. We will select a school for you based on your requirements and budget. We will also help your child apply to a university once he finishes secondary school and A-levels. Get in touch with one of our advisers by phone or via website form for a more detailed consultation.

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